Col Margherita Park

New theme park located at an altitude of 2514 metres, where you can enjoy discovering all the secrets of the Dolomites, which were declared a UNESCO World Heritage in 2009 for their beauty and shapes, which are unlike anything else in the world.

This project was studied and developed in collaboration with MUSE, the Museum of Science in Trento and Doctor of geology Claudio Valle. The intent is to convey scientific facts regarding the history of the Dolomites in a fun format. It is a route made up of 3 different installations that pique the curiosity of young and old alike, featuring volcanoes, glaciers, islands, ancient sea beds, geological eras and fossils.

This is a journey that starts with a 30-metre long path, where each metre corresponds to 10 million years. Moving in symmetry through time one crosses the geological eras and witnesses the main stages in the birth of the Dolomites.

The journey continues with an exciting challenge against time in the search of fossils and relics that distinguish each one of the 9 Dolomite chains. These are invaluable testimonials encased in the rocks of the environment were real living organisms came to life and thrived before they died and were covered forever by marine deposits.

The third installation is located on the highest and most scenic point of the Col Margherita, at 2550 metres. It is a right proper interactive balcony which allows the viewer to interact with the profiles of the Dolomite peaks that jut up all around it. From up there, with just one 360° view, you can see all 9 Dolomite groups, and try to guess their names from this special Wheelhouse of the Dolomites. When the sky is cloudy the game becomes even more challenging and fun!