Ride up with Costabella chairlift and Col Margherita funicular lift

Ride up with Costabella chairlift and Col Margherita funicular lift
Passo San Pellegrino, a wide alpine passage located above Moena, in Val di Fassa, is a very popular tourist destination even in the summer season. It’s an enchanted place where nature still reigns supreme and lots of hiking trails climb to the surrounding peaks among green pastures and thick forests.

To get to the highest summits the Costabella chairlift is already operational, while on Saturday, July 4th the Col Margherita funicular lift will also be in use. These two convenient and fast lift facilities make it easier to access some of the most beautiful itineraries in the Dolomites.

There is plenty to choose from for fans of trekking, Nordic walking and the vie ferrate , WWI cabled military routes, even for those who love discovering the mountains by mountain bike.


18 July, 2015, 6:00 a.m. – Dawn on Col Margherita (I Suoni delle Dolomiti – the Sounds of the Dolomites): music, nature and emotion come together in an event unique of its kind at an altitude of 2550 metres. The Col Margherita hosts the brand new and extraordinary meeting between American trumpet player Dave Douglas, musician Mario Brunello from Castelfranco Veneto and Cello4Ever, a violinist quartet (Marco Radaelli, Andrea Cavuoto, Livia Rotondi and Andrea Scacchi) with wide and varied stylistic influences. For the special occasion Douglas has rewritten the arrangement to part of Mountain Passages, a composition dedicated to the Dolomites which he originally wrote in 2003, to give it a new solo part for his instrument as well as Brunello’s. In case of bad weather, the event will take place at 5:30 p.m. at the Cinema Marmolada in Canazei.

21 July, 2015, 11:00 a.m. – Jazz Music Concert (Moena Armonica): enjoy a high altitude cocktail at the Baita Paradiso to tunes by Helga Plankensteiner, a talented and charming saxophonist and singer, one of the rare Italian jazzmen who understand the essence of the Afro American music sound. The Baita Paradiso lies in the middle of the high mountain pastures of Passo San Pellegrino, near the mountain station of the Costabella chairlift. Here, an old-time mountain atmosphere has remained intact, and the typical Ladino wine and food is simple, rustic and genuine. Everything is homemade according to tradition, with carefully selected ingredients which are rigorously 0 km. Tagliatelle (flat pasta) with rabbit ragout sauce, venison and mountain goat, grilled sausages and meat, polenta and mushrooms, sliced meat and cheese platters, potato gnocchi, lentil and barley soups, pizza and much more. The sweets here are especially tempting, with apple pies, tiramisù, local specialty linzertorte – a buckwheat cake with almonds and blueberries – and of course, strudel, which should be tasted on an outdoor table whilst enjoying the fascinating views of the Monzoni chain and the walls of the Col Margherita.