San Pellegrino ski area will have a new modern 8-person cabin lift

San Pellegrino ski area will have a new modern 8-person cabin lift

The Falcade cabin lift will soon be operational. Work is already well underway at the construction site for the new lift facility, scheduled to open for the start of the 2015/2016 winter season that will replace the Falcade-Le Buse quad chair lift.

The new modern, comfortable, 8-person cabin lift can transport 2400 people per hour and will connect the hamlets of Molino (1199 m) and Le Buse (1884 m) with a 685 m altitude change over a total length of 1890 metres. This will mark a real revolution for the San Pellegrino ski area, but it will especially benefit skiers and families with children, who will be able to travel to the top of the mountain protected from the wind and cold.

Each cabin will feature free Wi-Fi coverage and provide magnificent, 360° views over the Dolomite peaks of Focobon and Mulaz (the Pale di San Martino chain), Civetta, Pelmo, Cime d’Auta and Marmolada.  Plus, according to the original project, the lift will also be programmed to function at night.

While construction work continues in Falcade, the new cabin lift will become the star of a promotional road trip that will touch down throughout Italy this summer. “The first official unveiling was held at the Vittorio Veneto Film Festival – an international film festival for kids from Vittorio Veneto, and it was a huge success,” says Renzo Minella, head of marketing for the San Pellegrino ski area. “People aren’t used to seeing a cabin lift from a ski resort in as different a context as in the middle of a town square or at a different type of event, so this sparked some fun and curiosity. The promotional tour that started in Vittorio Veneto is based on the idea of portraying our ski area in an original way and putting particular focus on the new cabin lift in Falcade. We will also be participating in the Asparagus Festival in Mesola from April 25th to May 3rd.”

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