La VolatA slope will host national and international races!

La VolatA slope will host national and international races!

The La VolatA slope is 2400 metres long, starting from Col Margherita and plunging 630 metres down towards Passo San Pellegrino, in the heart of the Val di Fassa. Now this run has been certified for national and international races in Super Giant, Slalom and Downhill events.

This important distinction was achieved after several upgrades were installed along the track, to bring it up to standards meeting the requirements of the FIS Alpine World Cup Tour. Work projects involved widening the upper part from the altitude of 2500 metres to 2200 metres, expanding the arrival area near the valley station for the Col Margherita cable car lift and installing permanent safety nets. Then the entire slope was run with fibre optic cables to record every type of timing method and facilitate television coverage.

 “I am very happy with what’s been done to this slope. Now the La VolatA has all the technical and safety features necessary to host any level and category of competition. Actually, it can be described as a cutting edge and extremely versatile run, with many gradient variations and turns, which makes the slope easily adaptable to different types of competitions and offers the possibility to trace out different levels of technical runs. Beyond its competitive aspects, La VolatA is also perfect for tourists, and I’m sure that lots of skiers will enjoy it,” said Dr. Ernesto Rigoni, international certifier for the International Skiing Federation, who was in Passo San Pellegrino along with the national certifier for FISI, Giampiero Vinante.

The first important event centered on La VolatA will be a series of test events in the FIS World Junior Championships, #ValdiFassa2019. Then there will be two races in the Women’s Downhill European Cup on Wednesday the 20th and Thursday the 21st of December, which will be preceded by two training days according to regulations, on Monday the 18th and Tuesday the 19th of December.

This is why Peter Gerdol, Coordinator of Continental Circuits for the International Skiing Federation, has been following operations closely. He expressed a very positive opinion: “La VolatA will become one of the most interesting ski slopes in the Dolomites; it’s very diverse and full of different elements: flat stretches, super steep walls, beautiful turns; it’s perfect for grooming the most complete athletes. At the same time, however, La VolatA has also been designed to become a highly appreciated tourist slope for the San Pellegrino Ski Area and the entire Val di Fassa.”