New lifts to open on Saturday

New lifts to open on Saturday

In addition to the Col Margherita funicular and the Lago Cavia-Col Margherita chairlift,  on Saturday, December 13th, the Lago Cavia-Laresei chairlift, the Del Passo chairlift and the Chiesetta ski-lifts will also be opening.

Therefore, you will be able to ski on the following slopes: Col Margherita-Lago Cavia, Col Margherita, Le Malghette and Campo Scuola bunny slope with connection to the parking lot for the funicular. Instructors from the Moena Dolomiti Ski and Snowboard School will be available for anyone who is trying skiing for the first time or for skiers who simply want to improve their technique.

The Chalet Cima Uomo and the Ta Rif, Chiesetta and Dies Bis lodges, as well as the Huski bar and Diametro 64 will also all be open for the weekend.

We’re expecting lots of you on the snow at Passo San Pellegrino!

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