On March 29th will be held the Pizolada delle Dolomiti

On March 29th will be held the Pizolada delle Dolomiti

The 2015 edition of the Pizolada delle Dolomiti, an historic mountaineer skiing competition, will be held on Sunday, March 29th, at Passo San Pellegrino in Val di Fassa. The race will take place along two lovely, evocative routes, each with a different length and level of difficulty,

There is the CLASSIC route, which features an altitude difference of 1710 m over 13 km, or the SHORT  route, which covers 10 km for an altitude change of 1095 m. Participants can choose either path on their quest to  conquer the legendary peak called Cima Bocche (2745 m), the highest point on the crest that goes from Col Margherita, downwards in a southern direction towards Passo di Lusia. Both options will feature intervals with various climbs and downhill, off piste descents, as well as stretches to be hiked on foot, with skis attached to a backpack.

“At the moment the conditions on both routes are discreet, and the tracks have enough snow on them. We are looking forward to another snowfall that can guarantee athletes a safer climb and better control in the descent as well as the ascent,”  says Maurizio Dellantonio, Technical Manager for the Pizolada.

For anyone who wants to spend the weekend at Passo San Pellegrino, we recommend the Hotel Cristallo and Hotel San Marcowhich are  associated with the event  and will offer special discounts to participants and their companions.

Register at: www.lapizolada.com