For all fans of this sport Passo San Pellegrino offers an infinite number of routes, alternatives to traditional ski slopes set in magical scenery with myriad facets: forests, secondary valleys and solitary peaks in the heart of the Dolomites. There is a truly vast selection to choose from, from the simplest of itineraries to more complex routes that will take you on a journey to discover the hidden corners of this paradise, in close contact with pristine nature. Skinning climbs can be very difficult if you aren’t in good shape, because you have to ski up the mountain in fresh snow by applying so-called “sealskins” to the skis. Sealskins are just a strip of material with an adhesive on one side and synthetic material on the other that allows only forward movement, with a reverse-nap that prevents the skis from sliding backward. At Passo San Pellegrino you can also try or practice this sport with excursions supervised by qualified Alpine Guides.
For more information contact: Cesare Pastore Tel. 333/6517431.