Free the heel, free the mind: telemark is the perfect mix of adventure, sports and fun!
The elegance of skiing heels free has ancient origins. In fact, Telemark is the oldest registered skiing style in history. It was invented in the second half of the XIX century in the Norwegian region of the same name, and for many decades it was the only way to get downhill in fresh snow.
Choose telemark if you love direct contact with nature, the feeling of complete freedom and the satisfaction of savouring each and every moment in a fascinating game of balance and sensitivity. However, learning this old-time sport is not easy: you need strong legs, resistance, lots of balance and coordinative skills.
Every year at the end of March, Passo San Pellegrino hosts the best known event in Italy featuring telemark as the main attraction: the Polartec Scufoneda. It is a great party where athletes from all over Europe gather to enjoy this sport. Alpine Guides and Telemark instructors are always on hand to help beginners get acquainted with this fun technique in the easiest way possible.