Winter 2015/2016: the new #Falcade-Le Buse cabin lift

Winter 2015/2016: the new #Falcade-Le Buse cabin lift

The next winter season of Ski Area San Pellegrino will be enriched with a new, automatically shock absorbing, cabin lift going from Falcade (1199 m) to Le Buse (1884 m) and covering a length of 1890 m with an altitude difference of about 685 m and an average incline of 39.4%.

The lift will be equipped with modern, comfortable, grey cabins that can carry eight people, and will be able to transport 2400 people per hour. Now skiers will be able to access the San Pellegrino ski areas in just six minutes, with significantly shorter queues and a more comfortable ride.

Each cabin will be outfitted to carry ski equipment inside, and their wide windows will provide magnificent 360° views of the Dolomite peaks of Focobon and Mulaz (Pale di San Martino chain), Civetta, Pelmo, Cime d’Auta and Marmolada.

The Falcade-Le Buse cabin lift can also be used by pedestrians, allowing them to access the summit comfortably seated and protected from the weather. 

The project called for the complete overhaul of both the base and summit stations, which are now wider and more scenic. Only the station mechanisms are covered; the loading docks are uncovered and open so that the two buildings produce a minimal impact on the surrounding landscape.