Avalanche transceivers camp, what to do in the event of an avalanche

On Col Margherita there is an avalanche transceivers camp for avalanche simulations of one or more people swept away in an avalanche, that can be identified by searching with avalanche transceivers. This is a fenced-off area about 100 x 100 metres with various depths and inclines and 6 containers with special avalanche transceivers that can be activities by a control centre located at the entry.

The training camp is about 2300 metres above sea level and can be reached with the Col Margherita lift or by climbing with climbing skins for skis or snowshoes from Passo Valles, which takes about an hour.

How does training work?

Through simple operations on the control centre, users can activate one or more transmitters, simulating realistic search situations with various levels of difficulty depending on the individual’s specific level of preparation. The transmitters are kept in shockproof plastic boxes covered by a 40x30 cm wooden panel. At the simple touch of the probe, it sends a signal to the control unit that automatically activates an acoustic signal and a flashing light to indicate location. Once all of the activated devices have been found, the location time for each avalanche transceivers (container) will show on the control centre.

The search scenario is sufficiently realistic since users do not know the location of the 6 transmitters that are activated in turns (one or more) following a random pattern. The automatic system is accessible to all and aimed at those who want to perfect their search techniques. Besides automatic mode, the control centre also has a manual-portable mode that an expert instructor can use in the field, following the student who is practicing, by activating or deactivating the buried devices.