Col Margherita Park: discover the secrets of the Dolomites

Take the lift up to Col Margherita and have fun discovering all the secrets of the Dolomites, declared a Unesco World Natural Heritage Site in 2009 due to their beauty and unique shape.

Col Margherita Park is a theme park design in collaboration with the MUSE science museum of Trento, that has an easy itinerary to use fun to transmit scientific ideas on the history and geology of the Dolomites through 3 different attractions that can arouse the curiosity of people of all ages about volcanoes, glaciers, islands, seabeds, geological eras, and fossils.

Islands or mountains?

The journey to discover the Dolomites starts with a 30 metre itinerary in which each metre corresponds to 10 million years. Moving uniformly through time, it crosses through the geological eras and primary stages of the birth of the Dolomites.

In Balance over Time

The tour continues with an exciting challenge against time in search of fossils and finds that characterize each of the 9 Dolomite groups, rich testimonies embedded in the rocks of the environment in which real living organisms were born and lived, before dying and being forever covered by marine deposits.

The Helm of the Dolomite

At the highest and most panoramic point of Col Margherita, at 2550 metres asl, a truly interactive helm lets you play with the profiles of the Dolomite peaks that stand out all around, challenging yourself and friends to guess the correct names of the different mountains. When the skies are cloudy the game gets even more difficult and fun!