Passo San Pellegrino by bike: discovering the Dolomite passes

Putting on your helmet, checking your supplies and getting on your bike. Gestures that are repeated like rituals wherever you are. In the San Pellegrino Bike Trail these actions are accompanied by a backpack full of emotions in three single trails and two flow trails that intersect each other between Veneto and Trentino, between the magical Biois Valley and the San Pellegrino Pass. Routes that make the most extreme mountains within reach of bicycles with varying degrees of difficulty. Not only expert bikers, but also families with children and e-bike enthusiasts will be able to test themselves in chamois and ibex territory.

The panorama

Between ascents and descents you can join the different tracks exploring one of the most fascinating natural landscapes in the world. Peaks such as Focobon, Pelmo, Civetta, Mulaz and the entire Pale di San Martino group mark the horizon. On the opposite side, the Costabella group, Cima Uomo, Passo delle Cirelle and the peaks stand out on the horizon as far as Agordino on one side and Alpe Lusia on the other. All of this with the option of replacing the more demanding sections using the Col Margherita cable car, Le Buse Laresei chairlift, Costabella chairlift and Falcade Le Buse cable car with free bike transport. The journey is completed by the various mountain huts and refuges where you can enjoy traditional dishes.

The single trails

There are two single trails of easy difficulty, which can be covered by anyone with a suitable vehicle and the right preparation in their legs.


Number one, called "Falcade", covers 10.5 km and a total altitude difference of 829 meters. The average gradient varies between 5.5% and 11.6% with peaks of 32.6%. The round tour can be started either from Falcade, for those on the Veneto side, or from the San Pellegrino Pass for those coming from Trentino. Along the route there are sunny meadows interspersed with woodland, where the light filters through the branches and the undergrowth captivates with its characteristic scents.

Single trail San Pellegrino

Itinerary number 3 is just as difficult: the San Pellegrino single trail has an altitude difference of 611 meters and covers 11.3 km. The Costabella chairlift takes you to the top of the mountain and, after admiring the beauty of this valley surrounded by the Dolomites, you can get on your bike and ride downhill through a bucolic setting where the bells of the alpine pastures mark the time. Following the route, which is suitable for bikers of intermediate level, you can reach some of the refuges offering refined local cuisine. Continuing the ride, you will reach Falcade with its characteristic tabià and a bike path that allows you to cross the Piana up to the departure point of the cableway in Molino. This allows you to continue up to Col Margherita and the cable car of the same name that leads to Passo San Pellegrino, closing the circle back to the starting point.


The single trail dedicated to the "Innamorati" - this is the name of the route - is of medium difficulty and guides cycling enthusiasts for 13 km with a difference in altitude of 1,388 m. It starts from Col Margherita, at 2,514 m, from the top station of the cable car of the same name where the new InAlto is located, a grate place for those who would like to have an aperitif or lunch with a view. Here, a deep breath will immerse you in an amphitheatre that opens up from the south face of the Marmolada to the Pale di San Martino, with Pelmo, Civetta and Focobon marking the horizon. Descend towards Passo Valles on the route that in winter hosts the ski slope "Innamorati". Once reached Passo Valles continue towards Falcade on a stretch of the regional road, then turn right and descend to Malga Valles Alto and follow the track of the Innamorati till Caverson and from there to Falcade. Take the cable car and then the chairlift back to Col Margherita passing by Chalet Le Buse and Rifugio Laresei, both with breathtaking views.

Flow Trail

The Flow Trail Le Buse is completely downhill and has two routes of constant difficulty, which must be tackled with specific protections and twin-axle bikes. The ideal trail for bikers who like to concentrate solely on speed, rhythm and jumps. A medium to high level of training is required and the use of a twin-axle bike is recommended. The two tracks run between cranberry and blackberry plants, typical of the area, following the profile of the Pale di San Martino. The purchase of a daily ticket will allow you to fully enjoy the experience, using the Le Buse - Laresei chairlift several times for unlimited fun.