Playgrounds in the snow: guaranteed fun for kids

For children, snow means fun and happiness. It is so white and soft that they want to touch it, taste it, and roll in it amidst laughter and pure magic. To play and have even more fun in the snow, there are two playgrounds at Passo San Pellegrino: Kids Paradise near the ski slopes at Chalet Cima Uomo and Valfredda Kinderpark at the Rifugio Flora Alpina.

Kids Paradise

Kids Paradise has a large snow area with games, swings, slides, play houses, carts, buckets, and shovels as well as a real lift, Blanco the mascot’s house, and a 100 square meter heated room where children can read, develop their creativity, play games, and relax with babysitting service and the ability to book a baby menu for lunch.

Valfredda Kinderpark

Valfredda Kinderpark is surrounded by the woods in beautiful Valfredda, just a few minutes by car from the Passo San Pellegrino church. It is an enchanted area where children can play in a wood playhouse, with nets and slides, spring animals to ride, and a snow tubing slope, as well as a free area where they can run and play in the fresh snow.